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Marco Chiappetta

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    Marco is an experienced technical writer, a co-founder and Principal Analyst at HotTech Vision and Analysis (HTVA), and the longtime Managing Editor at His work has been published worldwide, both online and in a number of educational, PC, and technology-related print publications.

    Marco has been a computing and technology enthusiast since early childhood and the dawn of personal computers. Before being exposed to the Commodore P.E.T. and later the C64 some nearly four decades ago, he was interested in electricity and electronics, and still has the modified AFX cars and shop-worn soldering irons to prove it. Once Marco got his hands on his own Commodore 64, however, computing became a passion. Throughout his academic and professional lives, he has explored virtually every major platform from the TRS-80 and Amiga, to the latest mobile devices, and today's high-end, multi-core servers. Over the years, Marco has worked in many fields related to technology and computing, including system design, assembly and sales, quality assurance testing, and technical writing.

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