Interop is around the corner, where is Cisco?

Cisco lacking in innovation

With Interop Las Vegas just around the corner the yearly Best of Interop Award Finalists have been announced and are listed below by category. The one thing that made me look twice was the absence of Cisco in certain categories. I would expect Cisco to be in Collaboration every year as that is all the Cisco CTO seems to talk about with video, mobile and the cloud. But they were not in the Data Center & Storage or Networking categories either.

Now I know that the awards are all for new products or features of products. You would think that Cisco would be coming out with something new every year with all of the products they have and be a finalist. But is seems the innovation is lacking with Cisco these days. As it has been reported in many places Cisco is losing market share to other vendors. Many say this is because they are trying to sell everything and they need to be in every product market. Did Cisco lose their way in routing and switching? Are they just not keeping up with all of the vendors who sell against them? Does Cisco have too many products? I just don't know.

The Cisco CTO is speaking at Interop in a keynote session titled "Cisco Innovation: In It to Win It" in which she will talk about mobility, cloud and video. Maybe she needs to talk about routing, switching and security? Change the title of the session to "How we plan to win back market share"?

One other point to mention is that Cisco was nominated for a product that I cannot find on Google or on the Cisco web site. It is the AppNav Virtualization Technology for which they were nominated. Now as part of the rules for the awards this needs to be on display at Interop for all to see. I myself am hoping it is there so we can take a look at it and report back. It must be something really super-secret that the Cisco Lab boys came up with as it's not on the web site.

I am hoping that Interop Las Vegas has many new products and it's not a cloud trade show. While the cloud is ok, vendors need to keep their head out of the cloud at times and remember the other products they sell.

The finalists for Best of Interop selected for each category include:

Cloud Computing & VirtualizationCisco - Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1240

Citrix Systems - Citrix VDI-in-a-Box

Kontiki, Inc. - Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform

Collaboration Alcatel-Lucent - Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch ConversationTM Engage

Avaya, Inc. - AvayaLive

HD Distributing, LLC - SCOPIA XT5000

Data Center & Storage Ceph Storage, Inc. - Ceph

Panzura - Panzura Quicksilver Global Cloud Storage System v3.0

Riverbed Technology - Granite

Management, Monitoring & TestingNEC Corporation of America - NEC ProgrammableFlow Controller, PF6800

Net Optics - Spyke

Riverbed Technology - Virtual Cascade Shark

NetworkingGnodal - New GS-Series Switch

Mellanox Technologies - SX1024

PLX Technology - TeraPHY TN8045 10GBASE-T Tranceiver

Performance Optimization Cisco - AppNav Virtualization Technology

Citrix Systems - Citrix NetScaler 10

Riverbed Technology - Steelhead Cloud Accelerator

Security Avaya, Inc. - Avaya Identity Engines

ManageEngine - Firewall Analyzer

McAfee - McAfee Network Security XC Cluster

Wireless & Mobility Broadcom Corp. - BCM43460 - 5G Wifi System-on-Chip (SoC)

Cisco - Aironet 3600 Series Access Point

Cloudpath Networks - XpressConnect Enrollment System 

Congratulations to all of the companies that were nominated and best of luck.

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