Has Google deindexed Digg (as it would appear)?

Twitter abuzz with hints of retaliation

Remember Digg? If not, Digg used to be Reddit back before the social bookmarking site essentially self-destructed. Digg has been attempting a comeback, however, and just last week made a mini-splash by announcing that it intends to develop an RSS reader to replace Google Reader, saying in a blog post: "We hope to identify and rebuild the best of Google Reader's features (including its API)."

Well, today someone noticed that Digg.com has disappeared from - been deindexed by - Google search. And that certainly would appear to be the case.


Now there's little reason aside from chronology to suspect that Digg's intention to replace Google Reader is related to Google's apparent decision to deindex Digg (and let's not rule out a technical glitch here.) However, before you can type 140 characters, Twitter was abuzz with chatter connecting those two dots.

I find that almost inconceivable myself, but it doesn't mean Digg hasn't done something to run afoul of Google's rules and regs?

Oh, and did I mention that Digg founder Kevin Rose now works at Google?

(Update: Discussion on Hacker News also discounts the Google Reader link and suggests Digg may have messed up something or other.)

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