Duplicate Message Detection bug in Exchange Server 2010 RU 1 and greater…

Learning about and understanding the Duplicate Message Detection bug in Exchange Server 2010

In case anyone encounters this, a customer of ours brought this to our attention. Basically, Exchange Server 2010 RU 1 or greater introduced a very odd Duplicate Message Detection bug. You encounter the bug when a delegate receives the same meeting request on behalf of the delegator and to themselves. Instead of two meeting requests for the delegate to respond to in their in-box, there is only the one sent to the delegate. Additionally, if the delegate has two different delegators and both delegators are invited to the same message. The delegate will receive only one meeting request which is randomly for either delegator.

Apparently per this posting on the Exchange forums there are some other scenarios where this bug is encountered: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-GB/exchange2010/thread/a717020c-1deb-4d76-8697-ac5f886ebdeb. Basically, the bug is an issue with the “Duplicate Message Detection” feature on the Store Driver. In the posting, MSFT says that this bug is only encountered when after installing RU 1 and will be addressed by a later roll up or SP1. However, I’ve tested just applying RU 3 and (as one would expect) the bug is still there.

So… if you see this one… do not panic. While the issue is kinda of a big issue that will most likely impact the big wigs, the Exchange product team is aware of the issue and will fix it at some later date. Oh wait… maybe we should panic…

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