Competition: Can you learn TCP/IP in 24 hours?

Sams Publishing, part of Pearson Education, has just published the book Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24

hours, 4th Edition written by Joe Casad. We'd like to set you the challenge of learning TCP/IP in 24 hours. We're looking for two readers who can review the book for us: one a complete TCP/IP novice, and the other a sysadmin with 2 or 3 years experience who would like to learn TCP/IP. We'll send the book to each of the two selected reviewers, and set them the challenge them of learning the protocols in 24 hours - and ask them to let us know how they did. We'll publish their reviews in Network World/Cisco Subnet. For their efforts, the reviewers will also get to choose another book of their choice from the Pearson Education library.

Casad explains more about the book:

"The book focuses on protocols, so it is different from the many books that focus on configuring a particular operating system or vendor technology (say, a Cisco or MCSE exam book). This book covers a more conceptual level that the configuration-based books often ignore. On the other hand, if your goal is to configure a Cisco router or set up a Microsoft network, this book wouldn't fill that role by itself. As for a reader with 2 to 3 years experience, a lot of readers who learn networking on the job or through the vendor-based curricula are missing some of this essential background information, and for them, this book could be very useful. It wouldn't be (and doesn't attempt to be) a complete guide to everything they do."

Go here to listen to a podcast interview with the author (3:20).

Entry details here. Deadline for entries is Oct. 24.

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