The rapidly evolving state of content delivery networks

content delivery
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Content Delivery Networks now account for more than half of all consumer Internet traffic, meaning CDNs are no longer an adjunct to the network, they are the network. So download this Network World Digital Spotlight, “The rapidly evolving state of Content Delivery Networks,” for a deep dive on the latest CDN developments. We explore:

* Content Delivery Networks today: The market is growing and changing rapidly, featuring a host of new suppliers, new technologies and new options that make plotting your CDN strategy infinitely more complex than just a few years ago.

 * The features palette: Key questions to ask as you evaluate CDN products and services to ensure your solution best meets your needs.

* Lessons learned: Buyers talk about what has worked for them, the tips, tricks and best practices that come from deploying and using the technology.

The digital Network World special report, prepared by Network World editors, examines the issues, trends and strategies for getting the most out of CDNs. Find out more here.

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