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Cisco looks to grab broader security role

Feb 06, 20064 mins

Latest security news.

Cisco looks to grab broader security role, 02/06/06

At next week’s RSA Conference, Cisco plans to debut major security products to help bolster its already strong security portfolio.

Juniper SSG provides fast branch-office security, 02/06/06

Juniper is announcing a new product family based on its acquisition of NetScreen, a fast security platform with high-speed WAN ports designed for branch offices that have direct Internet connections.

DOE lab says NetFlow is a key security tool, 02/06/06

To secure the network at Argonne National Laboratory, Scott Pinkerton, network services manager for the lab, uses a mix of NetFlow traffic analysis and customized device scripting to tie together different Cisco-based security products, such as …

Cisco, Microsoft expected to shed light on security schemes at RSA show, 02/06/06

Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Cisco’s John Chambers next week are expected to kick off the annual RSA Conference in San Jose by sharing new details about their companies’ network-access control strategies.

‘Net Buzz: E-mail offers a look inside Enron, 02/06/06

Enron correspondence has been online for years, although in a not particularly user-friendly format. Now anyone can easily sift through the mountain of messages – business dealings, personal exchanges, mindless blather and, of course, the dirty jokes …

Opinion: Security needs cross-organizational buy-in, 02/06/06

As the new year begins, one thing is clear: The information security discussion needs more constructive involvement from upper management and business unit leaders.

Q&A: Palmer discusses Cisco’s latest security initiatives, 02/06/06

Cisco is among the market leaders in most major security product categories, but the company is still primarily known as a router and switch vendor. One person trying to change that is Richard Palmer, vice president and general manager of Cisco’s VPN …

Test: Juniper/NetScreen deal bears fruit, 02/06/06

Network World’s tests Juniper’s SSG 520, a security and routing platform available this week that is the first new effort from the company’s purchase of NetScreen 21 months ago. Our test results show the device has impressive speed – it supports T-3s …

Test: How we did Juniper test, 02/06/06Next-generation switches are coming soon, 02/06/06

The traditional LAN switch is poised for an extreme makeover, and the focus is on brains, not beauty.

Politics sometimes trumps technology, 02/06/06

As appliance functionality migrates to the switch, political issues can outweigh the technological ones.

CipherTrust service protects against nefarious net traffic, 02/06/06

E-mail security company CipherTrust this week is set to launch a service to protect customers’ brands from being pilfered in a phishing attack, and to keep companies from unwittingly having their PCs used as spam senders.

Nutter’s Help Desk: Locking the worms out of your network, 02/06/06

With the Kama Sutra (among its other names) worm that is due to come out on February 3rd, I am concerned that we have taken all the necessary steps to avoid problems. What can you suggest that we look at?

Opinion: Big guns declare battle on spyware, 02/06/06

The sooner the anti-spyware community can figure out how best to collaborate in its fight against the common enemy, the better off enterprise buyers will be. It remains to be seen, however, if the small anti-spyware vendors will join an effort led by …

Opinion: The analog hole and secret technology, 02/06/06

Exactly how the bill’s sponsor, Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner and cosponsor, Rep. John Conyers, Jr., think a secret technology that is untested by experts, and will add cost, probably break other technologies, prevent ‘fair use,’ benefit a single …

How to prepare a network for BPO, 02/06/06

A vice president of product strategy offers guide to preparing a network for business-process outsourcing.

ISPs enhancing anti-spam services as security threats intensify, 02/06/06

The amount of spam traversing the Internet appears to be on the decline, although the nature of that junk e-mail continues to shift from annoying to malicious – even dangerous. Therefore, enterprises are increasingly looking to stop e-mail threats …

Network World Radio: Pod slurping revisited, 02/06/06

Abe Usher of Sharp Ideas joins the program again to talk about his updated tool – Slurp Audit – that illustrates how quickly an iPod or similar device can be used to pick clean a hard drive of business documents and data.

Start-up looks to lock down code, 02/06/06

Executives at start-up Mu Security says it has developed a way to make network products and applications more secure.