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New virus can pass from PCs to mobile devices

Feb 28, 20067 mins
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New virus can pass from PCs to mobile devices, 02/28/06

A security association is reporting what it says is the first virus that can pass from a PC to a mobile device and then erase files.

Best Products Special Issue: Aruba wins wireless category with A2400 and A800 switches and A61 access point, 02/27/06

Our voice-over-wireless test conducted early last year showed that providing just a small amount of data traffic on the same wireless network as voice traffic could lead to seriously degraded audio quality and dropped calls, even with QoS features …

Best Products Special Issue: Testers sort through the good and bad products for your network, 02/27/06

Consider these testers’ tips before making your next network purchase.

Best Products Special Issue: Belkin’s Pre-N wireless LAN, 02/27/06

The Belkin Pre-N wireless LAN family offers unprecedented transmission range. The distance covered by a WLAN can be crucial in settings such as small offices and retail stores. Extra reach avoids the hassle and expense associated with installing …

Best Products Special Issue: AirMagnet’s Spectrum Analyzer and Network Chemistry’s BlueScanner receive wireless finalist …, 02/27/06

AirMagnet’s Spectrum Analyzer impressed us for its ability to help network engineers scan the airwaves to find interfering noise sources within the 2.4- GHz spectrum. Lab Alliance member Tom Henderson said he was “thrilled to be able to track all …

Ericsson sues Samsung in patent dispute, 02/27/06

Sweden’s Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson has filed a lawsuit in four countries against Samsung, after the two companies failed to reach an agreement on royalty payments for the use of patents, an Ericsson spokesman said Monday.

Nutter’s Help Desk: Getting on the Internet with AOL and a WRT54G router, 02/27/06

My laptop is connected to the Linksys, says I have an excellent connection, but when I try to go on line using AOL, it does not find the connection. AOL is no help, Linksys is not either, the card and router are fine – I use the same card on another …

Airport saturates locale with wireless nets, 02/27/06

In January, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, one of the busiest airports in the nation, threw the switch on the second of two wireless networks that blanket all concourses and gates. The system uses fiber, shielded coaxial cable and hardware …

Wireless Weblog: EVDO vs Wi-Fi Mesh?, 02/27/06

EVDO cell nets promise anywhere-access at up to 2Mbps. But Wi-Fi proponents argue a wireless LAN mesh is cheaper and can do more. The debate heats up in California.

Wireless Weblog: Microsoft’s ActiveSync for non-Windows handhelds, 02/27/06

Microsoft is busy extending its mobile messaging solution beyond handheld clients running Windows Mobile 5.0. In a recent story, we looked at the building blocks for Microsoft’s mobile messaging solution , built on Exchange Server 2003 with Service …

Gearhead: Tools for travelers, 02/27/06

How many times have you been traveling and, hours or even days after plugging your laptop into the broadband connection in your hotel room, you realize you didn’t change your PC configuration from your office setup to something more secure?

NEC launches efficient 16-bit microcontroller, 02/27/06

Users of portable devices could soon be worrying less about recharging their batteries. NEC Electronics America Monday announced a line of 16-bit “All Flash” microcontrollers, meant for designers of mobile devices for consumer electronics, household …

Cool Tools: Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router provides instant broadband wireless access for multiple users, 02/27/06

The KR1 Mobile Router looks like an ordinary wireless LAN router, until you notice that there’s no WAN Ethernet port on the back.

Vegas water district mixes wireless, maps, 02/27/06

How do you measure more than 3,000 miles of water pipes buried in the desert? The Las Vegas Valley Water District looks to the skies for help.

Wireless bridges offer net options, 02/27/06

Orthogon Systems has introduced new versions of its software-defined wireless bridges, along with new converters that let customers blend Ethernet and TDM traffic over a wireless link.

San Francisco heads to city Wi-Fi, 02/27/06

San Francisco has become the latest major city to take a step toward a municipal Wi-Fi network.

Ford not quite in cruise control, 02/27/06

A trend that has taken the consumer world by storm – ditching home landlines for mobile phone service – is having a more difficult time catching on in the corporate world.

Microsoft to announce Origami device this week?, 02/27/06

Is Microsoft planning to announce details of a new portable device codenamed Origami later this week? That is the question raised by a Web site called Origami Project.

Sybase upgrades RFID software, 02/27/06

Sybase Monday introduced software aimed at helping enterprises analyze and integrate data collected using radio frequency identification.

Vodafone lowers sales forecast, takes $49 billion charge, 02/27/06

The mobile phone empire built by Vodafone, Europe’s largest operator, is beginning to show some cracks.

AirMagnet upgrades wireless LAN sensors, 02/27/06

The latest version of AirMagnet’s wireless intrusion-prevention product includes a new breed of radio sensors, and the ability to monitor and identify other kinds of radio activity, not just 802.11 packets.

RIM, BlackBerry users win reprieve for now, 02/27/06

In perhaps the industry’s biggest anticlimax so far this year, a U.S. District Court judge ended Friday’s hearing on the Research in Motion vs. NTP patent battle without deciding much.

Wireless Weblog: Should carriers lock your cell phone to their net?, 02/24/06

The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Univ. is looking at how the practice of carriers locking your cell phone so it can only use one network is affecting consumers and the public interest. Locking means preventing you from reconfiguring the …

GPS firm sees more location-based services in phones, 02/24/06

SiRF Technology plans to release a software platform for phone operators later this year that it hopes will accelerate the use of location-based services in mobile phones, SiRF President and CEO Michael Canning said.

Wireless Weblog: Judge: no RIM injunction..yet, 02/24/06

Reuters reports that U.S. District Judge James Spencer stopped short of ordering an immediate shutdown of the BlackBerry e-mail service. But Spencer found RIM to be infringing on the NTP patents and said he would issue a decision on an injunction “as …

Wireless Weblog: Hearing today on RIM injunction, 02/24/06

A federal judge today could set a date for closing down RIM’s BlackBerry service in the U.S., and decide how much the company has to fork over to patent holder NTP. Or not.

Wireless Weblog: Another use for cellphones: cracking RFID tags, 02/23/06

At the recent RSA Conference on security, legendary cryptographer Adi Shamir revealed details on how a cellphone could be used to attack and compromise RFID tags within its range. (You can check our complete RSA conference coverage .) The critique is …

NTT DoCoMo hits 2.5Gbps in 4G trial, 02/23/06

NTT DoCoMo says it managed to transmit data at 2.5Gbps to a moving vehicle in recent tests of a new wireless data technology.

San Francisco takes bids for citywide Wi-Fi wireless network, 02/23/06

San Francisco has become the latest major city to take a step toward a municipal Wi-Fi network.

Wireless Weblog: Canadian school bans Wi-Fi over health fears, 02/23/06

The president of Lakehead University says the “jury’s out” on whether Wi-Fi radio signals are a health threat, especially “in younger people (who have) fast-growing tissues.” In an interview with , Lakehead President Fred Gilbert “cited …

Opera targeting mobile phones in India, CEO says, 02/22/06

Web browser company Opera Software is planning a stronger focus on the Indian market, targeting primarily mobile phone services providers, the company’s top executive said.

BlackBerry wins latest Patent Office ruling, 02/22/06

Research in Motion announced Wednesday that the Patent and Trademark Office has issued what is known as a final office action, rejecting all claims by NTP on one of its disputed patents.

Quality concern delays Nokia launch with NTT DoCoMo, 02/22/06

The launch of Nokia’s 6630 handset with NTT DoCoMo is being postponed because the carrier isn’t satisfied with the quality of some software in the phone, NTT DoCoMo said Wednesday.

Wireless Newsletter: Convergence efforts abound at 3GSM, 02/22/06

With a nod to the 3GSM conference that was held last week in Barcelona, it seemed appropriate to talk a little about an emerging 3rd Generation Partnership …