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Feb 27, 20064 mins
Enterprise Applications

Here is this week's Editors' Choice; look for Readers' Choice later this week.


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Survival of the fittest managed service providers

The market for managed service providers sprang up and flourished in the late 1990s and early 2000s, then wilted just as quickly. Many went bust or succumbed to acquisition, but the savviest adapted their business models and tweaked their offerings to survive the changing market. Today some survivors are thriving.

Ford not quite in cruise control

A trend that has taken the consumer world by storm – ditching home landlines for mobile phone service – is having a more difficult time catching on in the corporate world.

The Best Issue

Among more than 200 products tested, 48 finalists, including 10 ultimate winners, rise above in our yearly roundup of the best networking products. Plus: Get detailed results and in-depth test analysis of all Best of the Tests winners and finalists, and a guide to all 200 products tested.


Application acceleration across the WAN

Vendors with four different approaches (Cisco, Silver Peak, Citrix/NetScaler and Packeteer) are online this week to answer your questions. Plus, check out the library of links to more information on the topic.

How to

Getting on the Internet with AOL and a WRT54G router

Ron Nutter helps a user whose Windows 2000 PC doesn’t seem to like his AOL Internet/Linksys router combo.

From the blogs

Unfolding Microsoft’s Origami project

Paul McNamara sniffs out the buzz around this “lifestyle PC.”

Sarbanes-Oxley: the curse imposed because of the misdeeds of a few

Linda Musthaler acknowledges the problems that led to the Sarbanes-Oxley, but says the law’s getting out of hand.

Tech Update

Risk-discovery engines mitigate threats

Most companies are not prepared for the CEO’s worst nightmare: insiders disseminating sensitive data electronically. It only takes one insider to expose a company’s most vital assets, destroying its brand, reputation and shareholder value.

More news

Airport saturates locale with wireless nets

In January, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, one of the busiest airports in the nation, threw the switch on the second of two wireless networks that blanket all concourses and gates. The system uses fiber, shielded coaxial cable and hardware from LCG Wireless to distribute cellular signals from carrier base stations to ceiling-mounted antennas throughout the airport.

Confab to examine security of utility, other control systems

Professionals concerned with securing the systems that run water and electric utilities, dams, railways and other critical infrastructures are gathering this week in Florida to understand better the challenges facing them and learn how to defend their systems.

Verio airs Windows hosting services

Verio last week introduced six hosted-service plans for Microsoft’s Windows Server platform that are designed to provide more options and cost-effective services to small and midsize businesses, the company says.

SOA vendors ready new wares

Two vendors are expected to unveil products this week that customers say will help them tap their legacy assets more efficiently in a service-oriented architecture environment.

AirMagnet upgrades WLAN sensors

The latest version of AirMagnet’s wireless intrusion-prevention product includes a new breed of radio sensors, and the ability to monitor and identify other kinds of radio activity, not just 802.11 packets.

Symantec to offer security appliance

Symantec this week is scheduled to roll out a line of its Gateway Security appliances designed for small and midsize businesses.

Proofpoint gets tougher against spam, viruses

E-mail security vendor Proofpoint is upgrading the core of its gateway software and appliance with additional spam and directory harvest-attack prevention, and is adding a module to help catch viruses during the first few hours of an outbreak.

Vegas water district mixes wireless, maps

How do you measure more than 3,000 miles of water pipes buried in the desert? The Las Vegas Valley Water District looks to the skies for help.

IBM takes aim at information mgmt.

IBM is placing a $1 billion bet that helping businesses better manage and glean insights from their data will be a profitable software and services business.

SMBs: Outsourcing a growth tool

Gartner estimates that about 90% of all new businesses created in the United States are in the SMB sector. It’s a huge opportunity for outsourcers as these small firms begin to recognize that they can achieve the same benefits that large organizations enjoy when they hand over non-core IT functions to outside service providers.

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