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Orwell did not guess the worse half of it

Feb 27, 20063 mins
Enterprise Applications

Bradner: Orwell did not guess the worse half of it, 02/27/06

Orwell missed the fact that much of the privacy threat would come from the private sector, where there are few meaningful, legally mandated controls. It will be up to government, however, to decide if we need to accept the current fact that we have no …

Editorial: Advisory board shares ideas, 02/27/06

Get five technology executives in a room to discuss technology trends and you’ll get a healthy dose of reality, sans vendor hyperbole.

Backspin: The format is in the e-mail, 02/27/06

What is e-mail for? I ask that rhetorically because I think I know the answer: to communicate information. But this leads to a more complex question: How much information can we communicate using an e-mail message? Moreover, how much information …

‘Net Buzz: Start-up taps CEO: A name you can trust, 02/27/06

Hey, have you heard what Paul McNamara is up to? No, not me. And, no, not my shiny new blog. I’m talking about another Paul McNamara – known hereafter as The Other One – a Silicon Valley veteran, most recently with El Dorado Ventures, who first …

Musthaler: The Great Firewall of China, 02/27/06

China is an essential business market. It seems to me that the U.S. government should be looking for ways to help foster fair trade and good business practices so that our companies can compete fairly. As for the charges of human rights violations, …

Minoli: The virtue of virtualization, 02/27/06

Virtualization is a well-known concept in networking, from virtual channels in ATM, to virtual private networks, virtual LANs and virtual IP addresses. However, an even more fundamental type of virtualization is achievable with today’s ubiquitous …

Johnson: Both sides have a point in net neutrality, 02/27/06

Google and Yahoo are right to insist that the telcos not charge differently for traffic to their sites. The telcos do have the right to charge more for traffic types that stress the network. In other words, telcos should be able to charge higher rates …

Dr. Internet: Open source or low-cost project management, 02/27/06

We’re looking for an open source or low-cost Web-based project management tool. The most important feature we need is a decent calendaring system that will work with users from distributed groups that don’t share an e-mail platform. We would like the …

Cool Tools: Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router provides instant broadband wireless access for multiple users, 02/27/06

The KR1 Mobile Router looks like an ordinary wireless LAN router, until you notice that there’s no WAN Ethernet port on the back.

Nutter’s Help Desk: Getting on the Internet with AOL and a WRT54G router, 02/27/06

My laptop is connected to the Linksys, says I have an excellent connection, but when I try to go on line using AOL, it does not find the connection. AOL is no help, Linksys is not either, the card and router are fine – I use the same card on another …

Gearhead: Tools for travelers, 02/27/06

How many times have you been traveling and, hours or even days after plugging your laptop into the broadband connection in your hotel room, you realize you didn’t change your PC configuration from your office setup to something more secure?