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VoIP vendors get serious about SIP and more

Mar 06, 20064 mins
Enterprise Applications

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From the front page

VoIP vendors get serious about SIPa VoiceCon page for breaking news from the show.

VoIP vendors poised to make news at VoiceCon this week say they will deliver on the multimedia and interoperability promises of Session Initiation Protocol with a lineup of products that use the protocol as a core IP PBX technology. We’ve set up

Demand fuels data center construction

Across the country, corporate demand for advanced data center space is driving new construction projects, ranging from single-occupant buildings to mega-sites.

A net under pressure

The two sites are linked through a big NOAA weather buoy, basically a raft about 30 feet across, with a mast the same distance high, positioned over the habitat. The buoy carries the antennas, twin power generators and air compressors, network gear and other equipment. A 160-foot-long cord links the buoy with the habitat, carrying power and air and a 100Mbps Ethernet cable to the scientists below.

From the blogs

Discuss the AT&T/BellSouth deal with Paul McNamara on Buzzblog. On IT Borderlands, Ken Fasimpaur says enough already with phrases such as surfaced a concern. On Tech Exec, Linda Musthaler explains that attachments are so last year thanks to secure file-transfer appliances from companies such as Accellion. And on Gibbsblog, Mark Gibbs goes eh, so what about the latest Apple announcements. All our blogs.

In depth

E-mail volume expected to explode

As the uses for e-mail continue to expand, mail servers may already have trouble digesting big attachments, but the problem is going to get worse as video attachments increase the volume.

Building boom for Wi-Fi networks

In early 2004 Chaska, Minn., objected to the prices of local DSL and cable services and deployed a broadband wireless network for its citizens. The Minneapolis exurb of 20,000 dug $1 million out of its capital improvement budget, built a Tropos Wi-Fi mesh and set itself up as a wireless ISP.

Tips for leading IT amid corporate change

The best of today’s new-generation IT executives have learned to devote as many resources to communications as they do to servers, software and the network.


ZyXel offers unified threat management for low-end net

ZyXel Communications has entered the unified threat-management fray by building content filtering, intrusion-prevention, anti-virus and anti-spam technology into its ZyWall 35 and ZyWall 70 combined firewall and VPN appliances.

Arxceo’s tiny IPS works well, but needs management wares

Arxceo’s tiny IPS works for the SOHO, but is low on enterprise manageability.

Network World ITVideo

Corente delivers applications globally

On Network World’s Hot Seat, Corente CEO Jim Zucco explains what a virtual network operator is and how it can benefit your application performance around the globe.

How to

Die, file, die!

Ron Nutter helps a user who can’t seem to kill a specific file.

Remembering WordPerfect

Actually, it’s still around, as part of a Corel office suite. James Gaskin discusses why you might want to give it a look.

More news

Brocade looks to improve Fibre Channel, IP SANs

Brocade Communications this week is expected to launch a variety of switches and routers that let users consolidate, connect and more easily manage Fibre Channel and IP-based storage-area networks.

Open source routing reality check

Open source software has become an integral part of an array of network and IT products, but making a business out of a free Linux-like WAN router operating system and commodity PC hardware will be a challenge, observers and experts say.

Branch offices get multifunction devices

Businesses have two new options for simplifying their branch office networks with multifunction devices from NetDevices and Adtran.

Verizon unveils remote IT service

Verizon Business last week launched a service designed to manage business customers’ server operating systems.

Alcatel exec talks about IP

The duopoly is broken in carrier edge router. Once virtually the exclusive domain of Cisco and Juniper, companies such as Alcatel, Redback and Tellabs are increasing share in areas such as IP/MPLS services, IP aggregation, Ethernet/broadband aggregation and multiservice interworking. Basil Alwan, president of Alcatel’s IP activities, recently shared his view of the changing IP landscape with Network World Managing Editor Jim Duffy.

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