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What happens after you’ve rolled out your identity management project?

Mar 22, 20062 mins
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* Webinar discusses identity management projects post-rollout

There’s an interesting Webinar coming up in a couple of weeks, one you might want to watch. Trusted Network Technologies’ Director of Identity Strategy, Ian Glazer will join Digital ID World honcho Phil Becker to discuss “Identity Management as a Lifestyle vs. a Project.”

As the come-on letter says: “By their very nature, vendors view identity management and its deployment as a project. There is the pilot, the initial sale, and the first phase of implementation. And that is where their world typically ends. But beyond that, they have done little to address their users’ ongoing needs. Which makes sense, because when you get right down to it, they are in the business of selling software.” And they do have a point. Once the implementation and rollout of the product(s) has occurred, what else needs to be done?

Things like provisioning, compliance auditing, authentication maintenance and more need to be tightly integrated into the fabric of everyday life for your organization. Just as two weeks at the spa isn’t enough to make a claim that you’ve changed to a healthier lifestyle, so to with identity management. You actually need to change the way your company works, the way it does business and the way it functions day-to-day to derive full benefits from what was probably a long, arduous and expensive project.

Hop over to the Webinar registration page and register. Even if you won’t be available for the live Webinar (March 28, noon Eastern/9 a.m. Pacific), it will be recorded and those who have registered will get pointers to the archived version.

It’s an interesting subject, brought to you by two very good speakers. You should plan to be there!

Speaking of being there, I’ll be at Netpro’s Directory Experts Conference next week. If you’re there too, stop me and say “hi!” and let me know what topics you’d like to see of in the Identity Management newsletter.