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Making sense of e911 and VoIP

Nov 16, 20052 mins

Latest VoIP news.

Making sense of e911 and VoIP, 11/14/05

The FCC is trying to make clearer what it wants out of VoIP providers that can’t provide 911 services to all their customers, but they’re still leaving lots of gray. The commission wants 911 to work so VoIP subscribers don’t dial for help and get a …

Cisco service targets small business, 11/14/05

Cisco looks to small business for billion-dollar growth

VoIP security is going to be a nightmare, 11/14/05

If your company is planning to exploit the incredible power, flexibility and cost savings offered by VoIP, there are two things you need to know: VoIP people don’t think like IP people; security is going to be a nightmare.

Survey: Security concerns over IP convergence, 11/14/05

As viruses and malicious software bloom, senior executives across a range of industries see security as their top concern in implementing converged IP networks, according to a joint study released Tuesday by the Economist Intelligence Unit and AT&T.

Telecom reform bill meets opposition, 11/14/05

Republican draft legislation that would largely deregulate IP-based services such as broadband video favors giant incumbent telecommunications carriers over other competitors, complained some witnesses and lawmakers during a hearing in the U.S. House …

In brief: BellSouth taps Lucent for VoIP infrastructure, 11/14/05

Under the multiyear agreement, Lucent will help build out the system that will enable VoIP services to consumers over BellSouth FastAccess DSL Internet service.

Microsoft, Cisco support ICE for VoIP, 11/10/05

Microsoft and Cisco have teamed up to support a protocol for communicating across network address translators (NATs) that they believe will hasten the adoption of VoIP for enterprises.

Will consumers win in the race to convergence by fixed and mobile operators?, 11/09/05

Today we continue our look at reader responses to a recent newsletter about whether mobile or fixed line operators will win the battle for …