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Cisco expands wireless LAN product line

Nov 21, 20052 mins

Latest LAN news.

Cisco expands wireless LAN product line, 11/21/05

New Cisco products take the next step in helping customers integrate wireless LANs with Cisco wired network gear and extending them outdoors.

Enterasys sells, goes private, 11/21/05

Enterasys Networks will become a private company, as it agreed to a $386 million buyout offer by two private investment firms last week.

Cisco competitors come up with new marketing strategy, 11/21/05

It was only after I flipped the paper over to read the remainder that I realized it was a 3Com advertisement. Time to stop and rewind. What is going on here? Did Cisco acquire 3Com and I failed to notice? In fact, it appears to be a bold example of …

Copper 10G spec takes another step forward, 11/17/05

I received a breathless e-mail letting me know that the IEEE specification for sending 10 Gigabit Ethernet over unshielded twisted-pair wiring is expected to …

Speed, security features drive router and switch sales higher, 11/16/05

Sales of enterprise routers and switches grew in the third quarter of 2005, as users sought to install more secure WAN connections and faster, more intelligent LAN pipes.

Cisco goes after the little guy, 11/16/05

Through its new Linksys One launch, Cisco now claims to be looking out for the little guy – that is, business customers with five to 99 employees. But of course the move is not completely out of largesse.

Cisco details security vulnerability, 11/15/05

Cisco earlier this month warned users of several security vulnerabilities in its products, including one that could affect almost all users of IOS.