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Sober variant on rise, security firm warns

Nov 28, 20053 mins

Latest security news.

Sober variant on rise, security firm warns, 11/28/05

The latest variant of the Sober worm is aiming for the top virus of the year spot. As of Monday moring, a staggering one in 14 e-mails circulated on the Internet contains the Sober worm, according to the anti-virus vendor Sophos.

Hospitals’ patch fears on the wane, 11/28/05

In the year or so since conflict between hospitals and manufacturers over the security of networked medical devices went public, much has changed for the better.

SANS releases 2005 Top 20 vulnerability list, 11/28/05

After years of writing viruses and worms for operating systems and software running on Internet servers, hackers have switched their focus to network devices and applications in 2005, a new report says.

Podcast: The SANS Top 20 vulnerabilities

IT experts offer their advice on top technologies, 11/28/05

IT experts offer their advice on top technologies including VoIP, patching, WAN services, SOA, security and more.

VoIP scheme gets big backers, 11/28/05

Cisco, Microsoft will support and implement Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) technology, which is a proposed IETF standard for allowing VoIP calls to traverse firewalls without compromising security.

SonicWall buys boost security, storage, 11/28/05

The company is paying a total of $20 million for enKoo, which makes SSL VPN equipment for SMBs, and Lasso Logic, which makes appliances that back up data locally and provides a service to back up data at its secure storage facility.

Security still top IT spending priority, 11/28/05

A recent survey of 100 IT executives predicts that IT spending will decrease slightly in 2006 as more businesses worry about global economic conditions, but security software and enterprise IT upgrades remain top concerns, according to Goldman Sachs.

Q&A: McAfee president discusses what is driving the future of security, 11/23/05

McAfee is perhaps still best known as a force in anti-virus tools, but the company’s offerings today range from anti-spam to host intrusion prevention. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix recently caught up with McAfee President Gene Hodges for a …

Fear of identity theft bad for business, survey finds, 11/23/05

Most online shoppers say they’ll take their business elsewhere if they find out their personal information was compromised, according to a survey of U.S. Internet users. The results of the study show that consumers are aware of identity theft and that …

EU lawyer says passenger data transfer to U.S. is illegal, 11/23/05

Members of the European Parliament have welcomed the opinion by a top legal advisor to the European Union’s highest court that the transfer of airline passenger data to U.S. authorities is illegal and should be stopped.

Sambaza: New e-currency in East Africa, 11/22/05

Having become interested in international affairs at the age of 13, I suppose I can claim an almost lifelong commitment to Third World development. After I …

VPN vulnerability depends on implementation, 11/22/05

Last week a Finnish university group discovered it could successfully knock out some IPSec VPN gear with denial-of-service attacks using carefully crafted packets to …

Security hat, 11/22/05

Linux OS Red Hat recently introduced a new security certification, the Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS). The RHCSS proves advanced skills in using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SELinux, and Red Hat Directory Server. Candidates must pass three …

Security concerns dog U.S. online shoppers survey says, 11/22/05

Despite the increasing size of the online shopping market, one in four U.S. consumers won’t shop online during the upcoming holiday season because of concerns over buying goods online, according to the results of a survey published on Tuesday.