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Microsoft products earn Common Criteria security approval

Dec 19, 20054 mins
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Microsoft products earn Common Criteria security approval, 12/19/05

Five Microsoft products last week earned security-evaluation approval granted under the software-testing program called Common Criteria, making it easier for Microsoft to sell them to government customers.

Microsoft cuts price, still lags in CRM, 12/19/05

When Microsoft recently began shipping its Dynamics CRM 3.0 update, it tweaked the software’s licensing structure to encourage more partners to offer the system as a hosted subscription service.

Gates, wife and Bono named Time’s persons of the year, 12/19/05

Time Magazine has named Microsoft  Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates, his wife Melinda and musician Bono as its “persons of the year” for their charitable work, it said over the weekend.

Who’s the most admired biz leader? 12/15/05

Who thinks Big Bill is the world’s most admired CEO – aside from Bill himself? Apparently a lot of people. Research firm Burson-Marsteller polled 600 “global business influentials” in 65…

Google, Microsoft, Sun team to fund Internet lab at UC Berkeley, 12/15/05

The University of California at Berkeley Thursday announced it is launching an Internet research laboratory with the help of some very wealthy friends.

Microsoft sues MAPS partners, systems builders, 12/15/05

Microsoft has filed seven lawsuits against partners for allegedly violating their Microsoft Action Pack Subscriptions contracts by reselling software meant for internal use only and for other activities, the company said Thursday. It’s the first time …

Visto sues Microsoft over wireless e-mail patents, 12/15/05

Visto has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, accusing it of improper use of patented Visto technologies in Microsoft’s software for accessing e-mail from phones and other wireless devices.

On Dasher! New malware targets Microsoft users, 12/15/05

Just in time for the holidays, a worm called Dasher has hit the Internet. The malicious software, which primarily targets Windows 2000 systems, is one of three new attacks targeting Microsoft’s software that has emerged in the last 24 hours. Two other …

Microsoft, Google, AOL and Yahoo as VoIP service providers? 12/14/05

In our last newsletter, we reported that Cox Communications is now offering an unlimited voice-calling plan for a $2.50 promotional price when bundled … pushes AppExchange for partners, 12/14/05 has no plans to follow in Microsoft’s footsteps and allow partner companies to host its CRM service, a executive said Tuesday.

Software ‘pirate’ pleads guilty to charges, 12/14/05

A California man who operated a Web site selling millions of dollars of pirated software has pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal copyright infringement, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

MTV, MS team to take on iTunes, 12/14/05

Can MTV and Microsoft succeed where so many others have failed – knocking iTunes off its lofty perch? We shall see as the dynamic duo is teaming to offer URGE,…

Microsoft releases first beta of Exchange 12, 12/14/05

Microsoft Wednesday released the first beta for the next version of Exchange and said the software will be generally available in late 2006 or early 2007.

Microsoft: One open document standard good, two better, 12/14/05

Microsoft believes a future with more than one open document standard is preferable to a single standard.

MCI, Microsoft collaborate on VoIP, 12/14/05

MCI and Microsoft are teaming up to provide a VoIP phone service that lets customers make phone calls from their PCs to traditional phones that are connected to the public phone network.

Microsoft uses Ajax to Web-enable corporate IM, 12/13/05

Microsoft Tuesday released a Web-based version of its corporate instant-messaging software that gives users access when they are working remotely or from non-Windows computers. Gurdeep Singh Pall, a Microsoft corporate vice president, unveiled the …

Microsoft fixes critical IE problems, 12/13/05

Microsoft has now fixed a widely reported flaw in its Internet Explorer (IE) browser that had been used by attackers over the past few weeks to take over the PCs of unsuspecting users. The flaw was one of four IE bugs fixed Tuesday in Microsoft’s …

Microsoft: Keep converged nets open for new applications, 12/13/05

Businesses should consider how well their VoIP infrastructure will interoperate with upcoming communications applications when they revamp their voice networks, says Gurdeep Singh Pall, Microsoft vice president of real time collaboration during his …

XenSource and Microsoft preview virtualization software, 12/13/05

It seems that server virtualization is the buzzword for the industry right now. Having made its way into storage virtualization, VMware led its wide …