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Malicious hackers busy exploiting Windows flaw

Jan 02, 20064 mins
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Malicious hackers busy exploiting Windows flaw, 12/28/05

Fully patched systems running Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 can be successfully attacked by malicious hackers, various security firms warned Tuesday and Wednesday.

Power Special Issue: Kim Cameron: Identity’s god, 12/26/05

Kim Cameron, chief architect of identity and access at Microsoft, has galvanized an industry behind his Seven Laws of Identity.

Power Special Issue: Your power perspectives, 12/26/05

Who’s got the network power? Executives say Cisco is on top, but on its heels are many niche security vendors.

Power Special Issue: The Power 15, 12/26/05

The Power 15, an annual look at network vendors, we’ve divided 15 powerbrokers into three categories.

Gartner warns of metadata troubles with Vista OS, 12/23/05

Microsoft does not adequately address metadata management in its upcoming Windows Vista OS, posing risks that documents with potentially embarrassing data could inadvertently be revealed to customers or partners, Gartner warned in a report.

Microsoft, Google reach settlement over Lee dispute, 12/23/05

Microsoft and Google have resolved their legal differences over Google’s hiring of former Microsoft executive Kai-Fu Lee, Microsoft announced late Thursday.

Newsletter: Just how tough is it to manage e-mail?, 12/22/05

We recently completed a survey for Zenprise, a small company that provides automated troubleshooting capabilities for Microsoft Exchange environments. The survey …

Microsoft faces fine over EU anti-trust deadline, 12/22/05

The European Commission has given Microsoft five weeks to comply with its March 2004 anti-trust ruling on workgroup server interoperability, or face daily fines of €2 million ($2.4 million), a Commission spokesman said on Thursday.

Microsoft lashes out at European Commission, 12/22/05

Microsoft’s top lawyer sharply criticized the European Commission Thursday, saying the organization “moves the goal post and demands another change” whenever the company tries to comply with the March 2004 anti-trust decision.

Newsletter: Microsoft having a Whale of time with IPSec/SSL VPN hybrid device, 12/22/05

Microsoft is teaming up with Whale Communications to support a hybrid IPSec and SSL VPN appliance for large businesses.

Microsoft eyeing Internet deal to rival Google-AOL, 12/22/05

Microsoft may be cooking up a major Internet partnership to rival Google’s newly bolstered relationship with AOL, according to a blog posting by a Microsoft manager.

Newsletter: Microsoft gives network managers time off over the holidays, 12/21/05

While we often criticize Microsoft – and often deservedly – I’d like to take the time today to thank the company. Specifically, to thank it for the early …

Microsoft auctions beta invites for Live IM client, 12/21/05

Still wondering what to get that Microsoft enthusiast for the holidays? Microsoft’s Windows Live team has an idea – an invitation to a limited beta of Microsoft’s next-generation IM client, Windows Live Messenger.

Google-AOL deal has silver lining for Microsoft, 12/21/05

Though losing the high-profile AOL deal to Google is a major blow to Microsoft, the software company could still benefit from the union because customers may see it as a case of Google playing favorites, analysts said Tuesday.

Microsoft changes anti-spyware name in Vista OS preview, 12/20/05

Microsoft’s December Community Technology Preview for the Windows Vista client operating system features a renamed version of the company’s anti-spyware software. Announced on Monday, the December CTP, known as build 5270, will reach about 500,000 …

Microsoft cuts price, still lags in CRM, 12/19/05

When Microsoft recently began shipping its Dynamics CRM 3.0 update, it tweaked the software’s licensing structure to encourage more partners to offer the system as a hosted subscription service.

Patch causes glitches with beta version of IE browser, 12/19/05

Microsoft is receiving scattered reports that one of the security patches issued last week for Internet Explorer is causing problems for users testing a new beta version of the browser alongside the existing version, according to a company blogger.

Opinion: Free software: It all ‘ads’ up, 12/19/05

I can see it now: I’m in the middle of a PowerPoint presentation to a potential client. Just as I get to the part where I am explaining the true value of my proposal, up pops an advertisement for a feminine hygiene product.

E-gov’t underway in Macedonia with Microsoft help, 12/19/05

Macedonia and Microsoft announced Monday several e-government Web sites have opened as part of a 2-year-old partnership agreement to enhance IT in the Eastern European country.

Newsletter: What the Liberty Alliance could learn from UDDI, 12/19/05

It’s been suggested to me that one reason why the Liberty Alliance is looking to “diversify” (see the last issue of this newsletter) is that it’s feeling some …