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Microsoft WMF vulnerability exploits renew debate over unauthorized patching

Jan 09, 20064 mins
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Microsoft WMF vulnerability exploits renew debate over unauthorized patching, 01/09/06

As network professionals scramble to repel a series of exploits that target a hole in the Windows Metafile image-rendering engine – a vulnerability some say Microsoft was tardy addressing – disagreement is flaring again over the wisdom of applying

Opinion: The myth of the digital lifestyle, 01/09/06

The digital lifestyle is a marketing ploy. Nothing more, nothing less. It is defined by services that aren’t needed, cost too much, and rely on technologies that are naïve, over-architected and underdeveloped.

Microsoft’s Group Policy: 6 hot technologies for 2006, 01/09/06

Microsoft’s Group Policy, a management tool, is among the 6 hot technologies for 2006.

File format shifts have users worried, 01/09/06

As an industrywide tussle rages over standardized word-processing and spreadsheet formats, end users say the real issues are the costs of reformatting archived documents, support and training, and the possibility that multiple formats could make it …

Microsoft details patch, efforts to plug WMF vulnerability, 01/06/06

Microsoft on Friday hosted a Web conference to detail the patch and the timing of its release for a lingering Windows vulnerability that caused a flap this week among users and security experts.

CES – Microsoft tuning Windows Live for digital media, 01/06/06

A broader plan for Microsoft’s Windows Live services portal is slowly emerging, as a Microsoft spokesman Thursday detailed the link between Microsoft’s Internet-based services and its Windows Media Center Edition OS, intended to give users more access …

Microsoft shuts down Chinese blogger’s site, 01/06/06

Microsoft has blocked the site of a Chinese blogger critical of the government, raising sharp questions from its own employees over how far the company should go in abiding by restrictive laws used to curtail free speech and press in the communist …

CES – Gates shares his vision of the digital lifestyle, 01/05/06

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates shared his company’s future vision for seamlessly connecting users to personalized digital content through next-generation software, services and devices during his keynote at Consumer …

Cartoon: Microsoft patching, 01/05/06

Security Jan. 9, 2006 Cartoon of the Week Network World, 01/05/06

Microsoft rushes out patch for WMF flaw, 01/05/06

Amid controversy and customer demand surrounding a flaw in its Windows operating system, Microsoft on Thursday abandoned its announced timetable for supplying a fix and rushed a patch onto its Web site to correct a problem that could allow a hacker to …

Microsoft adapts Python language for .Net, 01/05/06

Microsoft has released a version of the Python programming language for its .Net development platform.

CES – Philips joins partners for VoIP, HDTV, 01/04/06

Philips Electronics will expand its support for VOIP technology in new partnerships with eBay’s Skype division and Microsoft, and unveil new televisions designed to ease the strain of watching an exciting movie on a sexy $4,000 television, executives …

WMF attacks on the rise, 01/04/06

Malicious software that exploits an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft’s Windows operating system is now the most widely reported threat on the Internet, though it does not appear to be widely infecting corporate customers, according to McAfee.

Study: Microsoft still leads in e-mail, 01/04/06

Microsoft will stay at the top of the growing corporate e-mail market, thanks partly to its software’s new wireless push capabilities, according to a new report from The Radicati Group.

 SANS Institute offers patch for Windows Metafile flaw, 01/03/06

In an unusual move, the SANS Institute is recommending that Windows users apply a software patch created by a Russian researcher to prevent attackers from compromising Windows desktops through a software flaw Microsoft says it won’t fix for a week.

WMF flaw can’t wait for Microsoft fix, researchers say, 01/03/06

Users of the Windows operating system should install an unofficial security patch now, without waiting for Microsoft to make its move, security researchers at The SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Center advised on Sunday.