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Microsoft launches latest assault on Lotus customers

Jan 16, 20063 mins
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Microsoft launches latest assault on Lotus customers, 01/17/06

Just a week ahead of its rival’s annual user conference, Microsoft Tuesday unveiled a set of migration tools hoping to win converts from Lotus Notes.

Group policy vendors adding better control to their wares, 01/16/06

Desktop and server management vendor Special Operations Software this week plans to release an extension to Microsoft’s Group Policy technology that lets administrators tighten network security by controlling the strength of passwords assigned to individuals or groups of users.

Microsoft wins over retailer Target, 01/16/06

Microsoft last week unveiled a deal to outfit Target retail stores in the United States with server, database and development software that will run all areas of store operations.

Opinion: Did you hear who’s been in Redmond?, 01/16/06

No matter what they may be mumbling around water coolers in Redmond, there is no more chance of Bill Clinton becoming CEO of Microsoft than there is of me catching Jessica on the rebound. Never say never? Nonsense! Never, never, never.

Microsoft opens advertising technology lab in Beijing, 01/13/06

Microsoft Friday announced the establishment of an R&D lab in Beijing for Internet advertising-related technologies.

Cartoon: Microsoft search, 01/12/06

Applications Jan. 16, 2006 Cartoon of the Week Network World, 01/12/06

Microsoft Research demos interactive map of India, 01/12/06

Microsoft Research Thursday demonstrated the prototype of a multilingual interactive digital map of India at a research symposium in Bangalore, India.

USPTO upholds Microsoft FAT patents, 01/11/06

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has upheld two Microsoft patents for technology that controls how files are stored in the Windows operating system, according to a Microsoft spokeswoman.

Newsletter: Why Microsoft should be commended for its response to the WMF flap, 01/11/06

I’d intended to use this issue to suggest some actions Microsoft might take this year to better itself and its users’ experiences. That is, I was …

Target to standardize retail stores on Windows, .Net, 01/10/06

Microsoft Tuesday unveiled a deal to outfit Target retail stores in the U.S. with server, database and development software to run all areas of store operations.

Windows Media Center to go mainstream in Vista, 01/10/06

Windows XP Media Center Edition operating system may not yet be the standard home entertainment hub that Microsoft hopes it will be, but analysts said that could all change once the company releases the next consumer client version of the Windows …

Microsoft patches Exchange, Outlook, Windows, 01/10/06

Microsoft has released patches for two critical security flaws in its software products. The patches fix a problem in the Windows operating system, as well as a bug in the Outlook and Exchange messaging software, all of which could theoretically be …

Microsoft Research India to work on cryptography, 01/10/06

Microsoft Research Tuesday announced that it is setting up a group to do research in cryptography at its lab in Bangalore, India.

Publishing giant Murdoch predicts decline of portals, 01/10/06

Portals like those from Yahoo and Microsoft will fade in popularity as savvy users go directly to the content they want to view, publishing titan Rupert Murdoch said this week.