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Externalization changes everything

Jun 14, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Externalization changes everything * Redefining customer loyalty * Keep it simple - extremely simple * Enforcing acceptable-use policies means monitoring

Externalization changes everything

What if you had a network as secure as a private net but as ubiquitous as the Internet? That’s where we’re headed, says Johna Till Johnson in this week’s Eye on the Carriers. That’s where the increasing use of externalization is taking us, and the consequences could be profound.

Redefining customer loyalty

There is no loyalty in the communications business. So says Yankeetek’s Howard Anderson, who puts it this way: “I am loyal to the last company that didn’t screw with me.”

Keep it simple – extremely simple

Windows Networking newsletter author Dave Kearns this week argues in favor of ease of use. Without making applications super-easy to install and use, Linux will never succeed as a desktop system. To illustrate his point, Dave recalls his experience with a Linux-based calendaring app.

Enforcing acceptable-use policies means monitoring

It’s one thing to have an acceptable-use policy regarding how company equipment should be used. It’s quite another to enforce it. Backspin’s Mark Gibbs this week looks at the problems surrounding such enforcement.