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Red Hat launches master-level certification

Jun 30, 20042 mins
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* More training for expert Red Hat admins

Attention Red Hat Certified Engineers: there’s more to learn.

Red Hat recently announced its Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) certification, an education and certification program for Enterprise Linux users who already have achieved Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) status.

Dubbed as a “master-level” Red Hat certification, the RHCA program is a five-course program and certification test, designed to teach Red Hat experts how to manage a Red Hat network in a large-enterprise data center. The courses involve hands-on training with large, multi-server Red Hat networks, working with storage and storage-area network systems, and other open-source data center technologies.

The courses in the RHCA program include: 

* RHS333: A comprehensive network services security-training course for expert Red Hat engineers.

* RH401: A software deployment and systems management course for large enterprise Red Hat admins. This also focuses on using the Red Hat Network (RHN) managed services.

* RH423: A directory services and authentication course for advanced users.

* RH436: An enterprise-storage management course, with a focus on Red Hat Global File System (GFS), a file clustering technology for Red Hat networks.

* RH442: A performance tuning and system monitoring for Red Hat-based data centers.

Each course consists of a four days of lab training. After completing the week of training, the students will have the opportunity to take the certification test. 

In selling this program, Red Hat claims these courses provide a lab environment with advanced hardware and network configurations that would be hard for users to duplicate in their own work environments. Red Hat says the courses and certification will be available later this year.