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Do two wrongs make a right?

Jun 28, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Do two wrongs make a right? * The presence wars begin * I’ve got to be me * In pursuit of excellence

Do two wrongs make a right?

If you had the capability to launch a counterattack against hackers, would you use it? Backspinner Mark Gibbs this week introduces an intrusion detection system that takes Internet security to a whole new level. Whether you want to go there – and whether the law would back you up if you did – are open questions.

The presence wars begin

“Presence” might be a hot area, but the multitude of definitions of presence is leading up to a competition among companies you might not normally consider competitors. As Johna Till Johnson explains in this week’s Eye on the Carriers, vendors are tripping over themselves – and others – to “presence-enable” their gear.

I’ve got to be me

Daniel Briere is outraged that online identity theft can sometimes be taken a little too lightly by the police. Why? His father-in-law’s identity was recently stolen, and he’s still looking for justice. Now what if someone stole the identity of someone at your company?

In pursuit of excellence

Network World likes to recognize the best network implementations among our readers, and this year we offer two awards to formalize that recognition. The first is the Extended Enterprise Innovator Award, given to the extranet that’s extra special. The second is the User Excellence Award, now in its 20th year. For more details about entering the race, see Signature Series Editor Beth Schultz’s editorial.