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Comdex canceled but other shows must go on

Jul 14, 20044 mins
Enterprise Applications

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Just a few hours after the distribution of last month’s Trade Show Newsletter, the organizers of Comdex announced that this year’s fall show would be canceled due to lack of interest. While the news was no surprise as the show has shrunk dramatically over the past few years, it’s sad that we won’t be able to fight the crowds and line up for tickets to see Bill Gates in action. Nor will we be able to collect all those freebie stress balls that end up on the office floor tripping us up. Well, maybe Bill will find something to busy himself with on the Sunday night in November that now he has free in his calendar … new Microsoft patch anyone?


Microsoft starts to define its isolation technology, 07/13/04

Microsoft Tuesday finally laid bare details of its plans to create an isolation technology that lets corporations blocks infected or misconfigured clients from accessing a network.

Microsoft to pitch security as ‘competitive advantage’, 07/08/04

Microsoft will pitch security as a “competitive advantage” at its worldwide partner conference in Toronto next week, but it may be a tough sell to attendees who are still waiting for the software maker to deliver on some of last year’s security-related promises.


Sun’s McNealy chides Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, 06/29/04

Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy at the 2004 JavaOne conference on Tuesday extended an open invitation to Microsoft and Linux operating system vendor Red Hat to join the Java Community Process (JCP), and also stressed that Sun, which has struggled financially lately, is not going away.

Mobile operators join Java app testing program, 06/24/04

Orange and T-Mobile’s T-Mobile Europe unit are the first carriers to join the Java Verified Program, a group formed to ease the approval of Java-based applications for mobile phones and speed them on to carrier networks, Sun is set to announce Thursday.

Sun plans giveaway for new Opteron workstation, 06/23/04

Sun has built its first workstation based on Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron processor and will begin selling it next week as part of a promotional program designed to entice Java developers to use Sun’s Java Studio Enterprise software.


Comdex canceled due to lack of interest, 06/23/04

The Fall 2004 Comdex trade show has been canceled, but the show’s organizer promises it will return next year.

Analyst says Comdex may be gone for good, 06/24/04

The cancellation of MediaLive International’s Comdex trade show in Las Vegas this year was caused by mismanagement, poor marketing and a lack of focus, industry analysts said.

Moribund Comdex show takes a vacation, 06/28/04

While the cancellation of this year’s Comdex show is supposed to provide a one-year hiatus so the event’s organizers can regroup, many industry observers predict the suspension might become permanent.

* UPCOMING TRADE SHOWS (July, Aug., Sept.):

Burton Group Catalyst Conference

July 21-23, San Diego

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

Aug. 2-5, San Francisco

SCO Forum 2004

Aug. 1-3, Las Vegas

Intel Developer Forum

Sept. 7-9, San Francisco

DEMOmobile 2004

Sept. 8-10, La Jolla, Calif.

Sun Network 2004 Conference

Sept. 14/16, San Francisco


Watch this space for the full line-up of Network World Technology Tours coming to a city near you. On the cards for September  will be events about VoIP and messaging/spam, while November is security month.