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The third-party part

Aug 23, 20041 min
Data CenterSAN

The third-party part

So with your virtualized servers, your switched SANs and your other new data center technologies, you don’t need to hire a disaster-recovery provider to stand by with space and equipment. Or do you? While you may save big bucks bringing data center business continuity in-house, you still might want to consider off-site specialists for the following needs:

  • Stand-by space equipped with PCs and telephones where key workgroups can continue operating, such as call center personnel.

  • Design and testing of failover systems.

  • Testing and management of your older equipment kept for disaster failovers.

  • Dry-run training days and results analysis.

  • Help during the hectic hours when transferring from one site to another – and for failing back when the problem site is ready to go live again.