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Companies play nice in front of W3C

Aug 18, 20041 min
Data Center

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Companies play nice in front of W3C, 08/16/04

IBM, Microsoft, BEA Systems and newfound partners Sun and SAP last week submitted to a major standards body a protocol that will help accelerate the development of other standards for building secure and …

Technology Insider: Blade runners, 08/16/04

Early adopters of blade server technology say the benefits aren’t science fiction.

VORTEX Newsletter: Q&A with Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz, 08/13/04

While I was away, I hope you enjoyed the updates on the VORTEX 2004 program, which is now fairly well nailed down. Geoff Moore and I have a great event …

NetWare Newsletter: Why the Sun-buying-Novell rumor is ridiculous, Part 2, 08/12/04

Last issue, I took apart the rumor that Sun might be about to acquire Novell by looking at what Sun would have to pay compared to the value of the products …