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KDE desktop updated

Sep 06, 20042 mins
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* KDE Project updates desktop GUI with features and fixes

The KDE Project recently released the latest version of its desktop GUI for Linux, with new communications software, enhanced security and more than 7,000 bug fixes. Also included are loads of subtle enhancements requested by more than 2,000 users of KDE.

New applications included in the Linux desktop package include KthemeManager (a tool for managing desktop themes on a KDE Linux box), the Kspell2 spell-checking engine and KimageMapEditor, a Web page design tool.

Program enhancements in KDE 3.3 include better integration between KDE’s Kontact personal information manager application and Kolab, an open source groupware server that integrates calendar, e-mail, project management and meeting-scheduling software with Lightweight Directory Application Protocol (LDAP) directories.

Also new in KDE 3.3 is improved instant messaging support for the Konqueror Web browser. The browser now has the ability to send file attachments to IM clients and a cleaner, more organized way to manage online buddy lists, according to the KDE developers. The browser also supports the standard instant messaging protocol Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Among these major upgrades, myriad other tweaks are included in KDE 3.3, including improved scroll bars and tabs and visual layouts for KDE applications.

KDE is the cousin of GNOME, another popular open source desktop GUI used on Linux and some Unix PCs. KDE works on most Linux distributions, such as Conectiva, Mandrake, SuSE, TurboLinux and Xandros. It is the default GUI desktop for Debian, Free/Open/NetBSD, Fedora, Slackware and Solaris.

This KDE update reminds me – we haven’t had a good reader row about KDE vs. GNOME in a while. What are your thoughts on the two popular Linux desktops – KDE and GNOME? Which one do you think is better? And why? (Command-line lovers need not reply).