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The Buzz Issue: 09/27/04

Sep 27, 20043 mins


Spice it up

In this, our eighth-annual Buzz Issue, we expose the latest, greatest, hottest technologies for your enterprise. So dip into this site for the information you need to spice up your IT operation.
Beth Schultz editor, Network World Signature Series

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Security in a world without borders

As the perimeter loses ground in the battle for secure networks, some security executives want to do away with perimeter security altogether. But others aren’t so sure. Doing the desktop waddle

The penguin may have passed Apple’s Mac OS to take the No. 2 spot behind Windows on the desktop, but Linux vendors have a long slog ahead.

The new wireless

Two of the latest plans for wireless data — the IEEE’s Wi-Max and cellular’s EV-DO — promise high speed and ubiquitous access, but users remain wary.

What the heck’s an inFRAnet?

Service providers view these next-generation business-class IP networks as a means to re-create themselves. This time, are corporations ready?

Business services management: IT’s higher calling

This latest management scheme promises to prove IT’s value by linking business and technical information in a logical whole. Can BSM live up to its billing?

Rebirth for the x86

Once considered the weaker sibling of RISC processors, x86 chips are being re-architected with multi-core processors and 64-bit extensions that promise to extend their enterprise usefulness.

The grid storage façade

Storage vendors are playing off the buzzy grid computing term to draw attention to their tools for scaling NAS capacity. One analyst examines whether this latest storage concept has more than a catchy name.

Calling for managed VoIP?

Carriers are talking up their new hosted IP voice services, but most enterprise users are doing more listening than buying.

The heat is on

New sparks from these four technologies have got the industry fired up.

The Signature Series

The Buzz Issue is one of six bimonthly supplements providing insights, opinions and information on the biggest trends shaping the networked world. Next up is the Extended Enterprise Issue, coming Nov. 15.
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