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Novell gets a second chance

Nov 17, 20032 mins
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* Novell gets a second chance * Novell’s Linux gambit * A challenge to vendors * Buyers should beware

Novell gets a second chance

Dave Kearns sees Novell’s recent company-buying spree and gets a distinct sense of déjà vu. You see, 10 years ago Novell went on a similar buying spree that resulted in a lot of dead ends. Can the network software vendor get it right this time?

Novell’s Linux gambit

Meanwhile, Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix this week focuses his lens on Novell’s acquisition of SuSe Linux – how good a fit the two companies are, and what it all means to competitor Microsoft.

A challenge to vendors

Network equipment vendors continue to do dumb things that make users’ lives harder. Finally, someone is taking them to task: our network testers. David Newman starts off this series with a column about what shouldn’t be a default setting.

Buyers should beware

Vendors aren’t the only ones who deserve blame when it comes to the network vision problem, says Mark Gibbs in this week’s Backspin. After overwhelming response to his column last week, Gibbs sees that users have also had blurred vision.