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Readers want Linux knowledge

Feb 12, 20043 mins
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* Readers want the Novell big picture and Linux is part of that

A while ago I asked for your thoughts on what appeared to be the takeover of this newsletter by Linux issues as Novell continues to make big noises about the open source operating system as well as the utilities and application vendors it has acquired in the Linux space. I was worried that you might think we were losing our focus. Evidently, we weren’t.

A full 95.4% of the respondents said that they were either happy with the level of Linux coverage or would like to see even more. Of the 4.6% who thought I mentioned the “L” word too much, at least one was willing to admit that he hoped that by not talking about it, it might go away. Well, he did admit the implausibility of that, but pointed to OS/2 – no one talks about that much and no one runs it very much, either. (I think his tongue was firmly in his cheek.)

Here are a few of the things people had to say:

* “NetWare is changing and we as a community need to change with it or get lost in the process.”

* “One weakness of Novell is getting the word out about its products. I read your newsletter as part of my effort to get the big picture.”

* “Seems like the future, so better get to know it sooner than later.”

* “NetWare is evolving and I believe that so should the newsletter.”

Perhaps the one note that appears to sum up the feelings of many others read: “I think you should feel free to address any topic that concerns Novell, not just NetWare.  You’ve always expressed your thoughts on the bigger Novell picture, why hesitate just because we’ve taken on Linux.” Ain’t that the truth.

This won’t become the “Linux Tips” newsletter (there already is a Network World Linux newsletter to which I urge you to subscribe), but I’m going to bring in the “L” word as needed when it relates to NetWare and Novell. For those of you who wished I’d mention GroupWise more, sorry, I just don’t know the product well enough. And, no, there currently isn’t a GroupWise newsletter from Network World. But look at the very bottom of this issue and see the line “Have editorial comments? Write Jeff Caruso, Newsletter Editor.” He’s the man who could make a GroupWise newsletter happen – if there were enough requests.