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Catching up on Demo 2004

Feb 25, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* What was hot at Demo 2004

Well, my team members have just returned from lovely Scottsdale, Ariz., where they spent an exciting few days introducing emerging consumer and enterprise technologies to the world.

Venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, media and more gathered around to see what my colleague Demo 2004 Executive Producer Chris Shipley chose as the most promising technologies on the horizon – 67 products to be exact.

These technologies ranged from video messengers to Weblogging tools to anti-spam software. The range was as diverse as the challenges in the market today. For the full list of demonstrators, visit

During the event, a panel of experts tackled the issue of Weblogging and how it is changing the Web and intercommunications. From customer marketing to workgroup collaboration, blogging has the power to connect people in amazing ways. John Patrick, an industry luminary and former IBMer, headed up the panel. You can read his Weblog from Demo at

My colleague Senior Reviews Editor Keith Shaw also served on a panel. He joined Network World President John Gallant to talk about the future of the enterprise, along with members of Network World’s Test Alliance. They described how the year will look in enterprise products and services. You can check out Keith’s blog at

A handful of companies walked away with the coveted DemoGod award. This year’s winners included companies focused on e-learning, anti-virus and more. To see the full list of DemoGods, check out

To get a good sense of the demonstrations that occurred throughout the week, check out

As Chris closes the door to Demo 2004, she’s already got her eye to Demo Mobile where the best of the mobile technology community gets their chance to shine.