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ScriptLogic enhances its desktop admin tool

Apr 21, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* ScriptLogic releases Version 5.5 of Desktop Authority

I’ve been a fan of ScriptLogic’s tools for quite some time (see the 02/09/04 newsletter, linked below, for my most recent thoughts). This week the company released the latest version (5.5) of its Desktop Authority, as part of its ScriptLogic Enterprise desktop administration software, and I’m happy to say that the product just seems to get better and better.

Perhaps the most talked about new feature is a desktop agent technology that allows an administrator to manage and maintain the user’s desktop even while the user is logged on. For example, an “inactivity” function allows desktop administrators to log off, shutdown, restart or lock a user’s desktop after a specified period of user inactivity.

How many times has a back-up session not completed because some user forgot to close an application and log off the system? How many “automatic” user tools have you thrown away because they logged out a supposedly inactive user who was simply talking on the telephone, getting some coffee, or gazing at a spreadsheet on the screen? With this tool you can a) assure yourself that the user has really gone then b) safely close down the workstation so that the data is preserved while your backup (or other activity) can proceed. I think that alone is worth the price of admission.

But wait, as the TV pitchmen say, there’s more.

After consulting with, and listening to, its customers ScriptLogic also included these improvements and enhancements:

* Validation Logic technology expanded to include Active Directory computer groups, custom functions and custom variables.

* Conditional creation of Outlook Mail profiles.

* Environment variable settings for both the system and users.

* E-mail alerts to multiple addresses.

* New back-end architecture to increase performance and scalability of profile authentication in environments with many domain controllers.

* A new console for visibility and management of all remote machines.

* Remote management permissions for individual functions.

This is a product you should definitely consider for your tool bag. If you have an earlier version, then this is an update you will most likely appreciate. If you have the earlier version, and an active Software Advantage agreement, then you can visit download the update. Others can download an evaluation version that should be enough to convince you to buy the full package. In other words, try it – you’ll like it.