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Novell, HP on the road with a Linux roadshow

May 04, 20043 mins
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* Novell, HP go cross-country with Linux seminar

Last week, I suggested that running a Linux desktop in your lap, perhaps outfitted with the Novell-supported GNOME user interface, might be a good thing, if only to familiarize yourself with the way Linux works – sometimes like Unix, sometimes like Windows and sometimes like a Macintosh. The more familiar you are with it, the better prepared you’ll be when split-second decisions are needed (see “Operating systems can take some funny turns,” link below).

Along that same line, Novell and HP have joined together to bring a Linux dog-and-pony show to a location near you (provided you’re in North America). The “Delivering & Deploying Linux Across the Enterprise” seminars begin May 4 in Columbus, Detroit, Houston, Philadelphia, Portland, Tampa, and Toronto.

The tour runs through next Thursday (May 13) with stops in 26 other cities. See for the list as well as the registration information.

I’d say simply show up at today’s venues (find the venue by visiting and clicking on your city), but as the seminars run from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., you’ve probably already missed it.

I apologize for not letting you know sooner, still you could call your local Novell office (get the phone number from, explain that Novell marketing appeared to have screwed up again, and ask them to send you whatever materials are still available from the (probably) empty rooms since no one knew the event was taking place.

If the event hasn’t reached your city yet, sign up now. It’s a free event, and there’ll be prizes for those who stay to the end (including an HP Officejet 6110 All-in-One – see

The topics to be discussed include:

* Business Case for the Open Enterprise: Who’s using Linux today?

* Best practices: Deploying Linux across the enterprise.

* Linux opportunities for existing Unix and NT infrastructures.

* Reliability and TCO advantages of Novell’s network services on Linux.

* Making Linux Work for the Enterprise – HP.

* Productivity and Collaboration Solutions.

* Addressing Windows interoperability.

* Management and administration solutions, sneak peek at ZEN 6.5.

* Linux in the Real World – HP.

* How Novell is deploying Linux internally.

That last one could be really interesting in light of what I reported last week, that Novell CIO Debra Anderson has now been charged with migrating more than 5,000 employees onto desktop Linux and Open Office over the next 12 months. Sign up right now before you forget, before the event folds its tents and leaves your city.