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Making HTML forms easier to use

May 10, 20041 min
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Is there an easy way to add WYSIWYG editing controls like boldface, italics and spell-checking to HTML Web page text-entry forms?

Is there an easy way to add WYSIWYG editing controls such as boldface, italics and spell-check to HTML Web page text-entry forms?

HTMLArea  is a free server tool that provides WYSIWYG text editing and spell checking for Web forms.

HTMLArea uses JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to replace Web-form text areas with a word-processing interface. Boldface, italic, justification and other features are provided, along with cut, paste and a clipboard.

To install, unpack the ZIP file into your Web server document tree. Convert your existing Web forms to use HTMLArea by adding JavaScript and CSS source file links to the document head (shown in the provided example.html file), and invoking onload=HTMLArea.replaceAll() in the opening body tag.

The user’s editing mark-up is included as HTML in the textarea field value submitted to the server, which might require some server adjustments to avoid losing format information.

 The optional spell-check support in HTMLArea requires Perl, the Text:Aspell perl module from CPAN  and GNU Aspell, all available at no cost for Windows and Unix.