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by Lori Bocklund

Contact center cost savings

May 10, 20041 min
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A list of the key application opportunities for IP contact centers.

The key application opportunities for IP contact centers:

•  Large, multisite environments are moving away from complex network and CTI-based routing to more centralized call routing over an IP network. They achieve savings in network costs, and in the costs of maintaining and running the call routing solutions themselves. They also save on applications that were deployed previously on a per-site basis.

•  Home agents that connect over a VPN or run digital sets over IP with a fallback to the PSTN. Tower Travel in Chicago cut the cost per remote agent from $560 per month to $50 per month by setting up people in their homes rather than paying real estate costs.

•  Satellite offices that provide additional locations for call center staff and additional labor to tap into for peaks, disaster recovery or other needs. These sites can survive the loss of the main location platform and also can have local trunking. Many banks and credit unions are implementing this approach using IP.

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