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Shake viruses out of your mail server without slowdown

Jun 23, 20032 mins
Enterprise ApplicationsLinuxSecurity

* Eset NOD30 Antivirus for Linux Mail Servers

Enterprise Linux users looking to lock down their mail servers may want to check out a new tool from Eset, aimed at quashing viruses on open source systems.

Eset, in San Diego, last week released NOD30 Antivirus for Linux Mail Servers, which the company says can run on Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE and Debian distributions. It supports Sendmail, Omail, Postfix, and Exim e-mail server platforms.

According Eset, the NOD30 product can provide fast e-mail virus scanning because the software performs all mail scanning and delivery functions within the application. Other e-mail antivirus tools may require other programs, libraries or daemons running outside the application in order to operate. The passing of data and calls among these elements can cause latency in e-mail scanning, the company says. 

The program’s SMTP filter and mail delivery agent can be configured to provide global rules and parameters for all mailboxes on the system. Unique configurations and rules can also be set on individual mailboxes. 

NOD30 Antivirus for Linux Mail Servers is a small app, requiring 5M bytes of hard disk space and 8M bytes minimum of memory on a Linux system (Kernel Versions 2.2.x, 2.4.x are supported). The product can be delivered in RPM, DEB and TGZ packages for installation. Pricing is based on a per-mailbox basis.