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Novell follows through on Linux move

Jul 02, 20032 mins
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* Novell delivers Nterprise Linux Services

Novell last week delivered on its promise to integrate Linux support more tightly into its offerings as the company introduced its Nterprise Linux Services software.

Nterprise Linux Services is software that will allow users to deploy a variety of Novell-based file, print, messaging, directory and management services on top of Linux servers.

Nterprise Linux Services will run on top of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server distributions. The specific Novell-based services supported by Nterprise Linux Services include Novell eDirectory and DirXML, for user account management, file services via Novell iFolder, network printing with Novell’s iPrint and NetMail messaging services. For managing network servers, ZENworks for Servers is also included.

For Linux users interested in Novell services, another development just as important as Nterprise is the agreement among Dell, HP and IBM to support Novell Linux-based products on their enterprise server hardware. The three companies have also agreed to provide training and technical support for the Linux/Novell platforms. 

Novell has said that it will integrate full support for its Linux services stack into Novell NetWare 7, which is expected to be out sometime next year. In addition to these product commitments, Novell has also included Linux in its certification and professional services offerings. Novell recently implemented its Novell Certified Linux Engineer program, which includes training and certification on Novell’s Linux products in conjunction with the Linux professional institute. Novell has also announced professional consulting service around implementation and migration strategies involving Linux and Novell.