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Aug 27, 20033 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Sonic Mobility SonicAdmin 3 includes built-in RSA SecurID

Regular readers will know that I’m a Really Big Fan (RBF) of Sonic Mobility’s SonicAdmin package. This is an administrative tool for your Windows network (and so much more) that can be operated from a PocketPC device or – even cooler – a RIM Blackberry. Sit on the beach, relax by the pool, lounge on the deck – and still control (and monitor) your network. What could be better than that?

Version 3 of SonicAdmin, that’s what could be better.

Some network managers have been reluctant to use a powerful management package on such a small platform because they, occasionally, misplace their small electronic devices. Lounging by the water could also make you a target for the more nefarious members of society looking to “liberate” your small electronic devices. Sonic Mobility heard these concerns and did something about it.

SonicAdmin 3.0 has an enhanced security level option with built-in RSA SecurID two-factor authentication.  When SecurID authentication is enabled on the SonicAdmin Console, the mobile user must authenticate with the RSA ACE server before they are allowed to access SonicAdmin.  Only mobile users who have successfully authenticated with the RSA ACE server are granted access to SonicAdmin. The RSA ACE server is a separate component you would need to purchase (from RSA Security –, but you can look on this as acquiring a “best of breed” solution.

Version 3 also expands the ability to remotely manage Active Directory. Network managers can now manage the Windows Server Active Directory OUs that a user belongs to, manage local and domain users, as well as set and modify user account expiration dates.  All from the comfort of your beach chair.

Also touted by Sonic Mobility is the addition of VT-100 terminal emulation. This new feature is especially needed by those who require more than line-mode commands, although the example given did make me shudder –  “…such as Unix VI text editors.” People who use VI regularly swear by its power. People (like me) who use it infrequently swear at its arcane interface. I’d rather use the old Edlin command line editor from early versions of MS-DOS.

Another major improvement with Version 3 is new functionality to manage Microsoft Exchange infrastructure, including the ability to create and modify contact e-mail addresses, add and edit SMTP proxy addresses, and manage storage limits. All from the comfort of an overstuffed chair in front of the lodge’s fire place.

You deserve a break, don’t you? You need to get away. But you need to be able to know that any crisis can be handled without having to rush back to the office. SonicAdmin can give you peace of mind.