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Oklahoma has the right idea about MCI

Sep 08, 20031 min
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* Oklahoma has the right idea about MCI * Don’t be ‘pathetic’ * No need for large crowds * Making convergence work

Oklahoma has the right idea about MCI

Oklahoma was right, says Johna Till Johnson in this week’s Eye on the Carriers. When the state filed criminal charges against the officers of MCI (formerly WorldCom), it did something that the federal government has failed to do: hold people accountable for their actions.

Don’t be ‘pathetic’

Backspinner Mark Gibbs this week takes on the SCO Linux flap with an open letter to those who gave in to SCO’s blackmail. And yes, he calls such caving in pathetic.

No need for large crowds

Dave Kearns this week asserts that no, he has not become a hermit – even though he doesn’t attend any really big trade shows these days. The aggravation he has to go through just to get a lousy T-shirt just isn’t worth it anymore.

Making convergence work

Making the connection between convergence and Six Sigma this week is user Chuck Yoke. The connection is not necessarily an obvious one, but it’s there.