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The Buzz Issue, 09/29/03

Sep 29, 20033 mins

Our annual look beyond the hype at the technologies and issues that will affect your network and you over the next year.

Deciphering the doodle

An art therapist or handwriting expert could tell all sorts of things about people’s psyches from their doodles. Deciphering doodles isn’t easy, even the experts admit, but they could be right – doodles may express subconscious desires, obsessions or concerns. So what might the typical network executive be subconsciously drawing these days? Words and concepts that no doubt indicate tension over hugely important technology choices, making your network intelligent and the next batch of buzzwords. If this sounds like you, relax. Our annual Buzz Issue tells you just what you need to know about the latest technologies – and promises to turn those doodles into flowers, rainbows, hearts and all things happy.

Beth Schultz Editor, Network World Signature Series

Outwitting spammers

Clever, self-learning methods such as Bayesian filters and neural networks are the latest anti-spam buzz. But some fall frustratingly short for corporate use.

Security made simple

Security appliances are the latest rage, thanks to their easy deployment and high reliability.

FTTP fear factor

Some worry that RBOC Fiber-to-the-Premises plans provide more hot air than substantive value.

Storage gets smarter

Intelligence is moving to the storage fabric, but smart storage like this might only make sense for the biggest, most complex SANs.

Real-time collaboration — for real!

Instant messaging and Web conferences are turning real-time collaboration into an enterprise staple.

Resurrecting the distributed app model

The service-oriented architecture promises to succeed where others have failed in building a network-friendly, reusable app architecture.

Ultimate mobility

Wi-Fi is the rage today, but the real mobile story lies in the convergence of multiple network types, application persistence and multi-modal devices.

To data center utopia

Utility computing initiatives dominate product road maps, but so far no one vendor has delivered fully on the technology’s promise.

Raising an RFID ruckus

Radio frequency identification tags might make

supply chains infinitely more manageable, but

the privacy flap needs settling first.

Industry murmurs

What emerging technologies are people starting to buzz over? We take a look at three.

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