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Novell releases improved iManager

Oct 14, 20033 mins
Enterprise Applications

* What's in iManager 2.0.1

An old saying in New England states: “If you don’t like the weather, then just wait a minute.” About NetWare it might be said that, “If you don’t like the management console, just wait a version.”

Novell has rolled out a new, and greatly improved, iManager console. You can download it now from (but you’ll need to register and create an iLogin account if you don’t already have one).

Almost a year and a half ago I talked about how Novell was, yet again, creating a new management console (see “Novell attempts to unify NetWare management,”

Last spring, in previewing NetWare 6.5, I mentioned this “new console” again, saying that iManager in 6.5 still wasn’t complete (but neither were the earlier management programs) but that it was getting better (see “NetWare 6.5 shrinks DirXML drivers, improves iManager,”

Back then, I also mentioned that the people in charge of iManager had committed to bringing out updates periodically, even before another version of NetWare shipped. I called for you to keep your eye on iManager as you would come to rely on it a lot – and maybe even like doing so.

Well, NetWare 6.5 came out and iManager wasn’t complete but it was certainly faster than ConsoleOne and more comprehensive than NWAdmin. Still, we all waited to see what would happen next.

Just as the iManager team had promised it didn’t wait for another version of NetWare before delivering Release 2.0.1 of the console.

The utility was originally designed as a tool for Novell Directory Services, and Version 2.0.1 of iManager continues to be the best single point of administration for eDirectory objects, schema, partitions and replicas. But over time, each succeeding version of iManager has added new functionality to administer other facets of your network and Version 2.0.1 is no exception.

IManager allows for delegated administration, the ability to assign specific management tasks and duties to others. Delegating simple administrative tasks like resetting passwords or adding network printers, allows the network manager to focus on the big picture while ensuring that the details are not neglected and without having to hand over administrator-like privileges.

With this new version iManager now runs on Windows platforms in addition to NetWare servers and promises support for other Novell eDirectory platforms in the near future. That means you can deploy the management console wherever it best helps to address the challenge of managing complex, heterogeneous networks, where a wide range of applications are running on a variety of operating systems.

Other enhancements in Novell iManager 2.0.1 include the new Plug-in Studio, which allows you to create a customized management interface without writing any code. You can still add-in Novell (and third party) plug-ins, of course.

It’s beginning to look like iManager is going to stick, so anyone who has been holding out should jump on this new version and start putting it through its paces. It’s good, it’s slick and it will only get better.