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Power People

Dec 23, 20022 mins
Enterprise Applications

Our guide to the most powerful people in the network industry

The 50 most powerful people in networking

The 50 people we’ve selected as this year’s most powerful network players are perennial favorites, rising vendor executives, users, government officials, those crafting standards and thought leaders.

At the heart of a new AT&T

While competitors are weak, AT&T President Betsy Bernard plans to move swiftly to capture business service market share, crucial to the carrier’s long-term health.

IBM’s open source advocate

As director of IBM’s Linux Technology Center, Daniel Frye is the driving force behind IBM’s considerable open source efforts.

Setting Dell’s network foundation

Kim Goodman, vice president and general manager of Dell Networking, is masterminding the company’s switch business — driven to succeed for her mentor Michael Dell, herself and the African American community at large.

Fidelity’s IT treasure

Don Haile, CIO of Fidelity Investments Systems, is seen as a leader among IT leaders with his $2 billion budget and a penchant for technology innovation.

Symantec’s safe pair of hands

John Thompson, Symantec CEO, has been credited for getting enterprises to take seriously the once consumer-driven software supplier. Now he has his sights on national security.

Powerometer 2002: CEO reading

Nobility needed

Our annual survey of readers reveals that accounting scandals reflect poorly on CEO power, but improved customer service will recharge it.

The bracket game

Your vote will determine the most powerful person in the network industry.