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Hardware, mgmt software on tap at LinuxWorld Expo

Jan 20, 20032 mins
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* Linux news from IBM, Dell, Ximian, MetaLinx, and Candle

As with previous LinuxWorld Expo shows, this year’s conference, taking place this week in New York, will bring a slew of product announcements from many of the IT industry bigwigs. Some of the more enterprise-focused news from this year’s show includes:

*Several server and enterprise software products for Linux from IBM, including a new eight-processor pSeries server (based on its PowerPC architecture) running native Linux, as well as a new rack-mountable eServer x345 box running Linux on Intel Xeon processors as fast as 2.8 GHz.

*IBM will also introduce its IBM Tivoli System Automation software, for monitoring and managing individual Linux servers and clusters, as well as Linux client support for its browser-based Lotus iNotes groupware software.

*Dell will announce a new configuration for its High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) Program with an offering of up to 132 PowerEdge 1655MC blade servers running Red Hat Linux in a single rack. The company will also have a 128-node cluster of PowerEdge 2650 servers running Red Hat and using high-speed interconnect technology from Myricom for supercomputing applications. 

*Version 1.2 of Ximian’s Red Carpet Enterprise, an automatic Linux server patch and security updating system. The new version offers faster connectivity to the service through proxy firewalls and an improved roll-back function for undoing patches or software added to Linux systems through Red Carpet Enterprise.

*MetaLinx will have a version of its iSystem Enterprise system management software which the company says can “virtualize” management of Linux servers by control multiple Linux boxes as a single system.

*For managing Linux instances running on a mainframe, Candle will introduce its OMEGAMON XE product for setting up, configuring and partitioning Linux servers on IBM’s zServer and S/390 platforms.