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Carpe diem, ISPs

Jan 21, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Carpe diem, ISPs * Goodbye, personal choice * Gadget city * Not-so-slim SLM

Carpe diem, ISPs

ISPs are getting a second chance, says CIMI President Tom Nolle in this week’s Reality Check. With DSL still in the game, ISPs have an opportunity to get creative in providing services over DSL. If they don’t seize that opportunity, the RBOCs will be there to grab it instead.

Goodbye, personal choice

In the world of Microsoft, Sony and the “copyright mafia,” the idea of personal choice seems to be fading into the background, says ‘Net Insider Scott Bradner. Both Microsoft and Sony seem to be separately hoping that they will be able to control all the content going to and from your home.

Gadget city

The Consumer Electronics Show was just too big for one column – so Cool Tools author Keith Shaw wrote two columns about the interesting gadgets he saw at the show. Most revolve around using a home network to make the most of audio and video.

Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show

More highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show

Not-so-slim SLM

The much talked about service-level agreement is but one piece of the service-level management (SLM) puzzle. When done right, SLM is a more complete look at what you need to handle different services that your clients might want, says Sandra Gittlen in this week’s Editorial. Her analysis also offers a sneak peak at an upcoming Network World tour on the subject.