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The Extended Enterprise Issue, 02/17/03

Feb 17, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

Extended enterprises take root

We’ve arrived at the next phase in e-business development, complete with its own architectural design.

Grainger extended

Grainger CIO Tim Ferrarell describes how this industrial products and e-business leader has extended its reach to customers and suppliers.


Guardians of the extended enterprise get tough on wayward VPN users with new remote policy enforcement tools.

Benevolent entanglement

Halliburton wins the 2003 Extended Enterprise Innovator Award for creating a sophisticated yet easy-to-use portal that delivers rich technical content, interactive tools, collaboration features and e-commerce functions for customers, suppliers and employees.

CRM at the outpost

These days, providing top-rate service means extending customer-relationship apps to wherever users are — be that a hotel off Highway 9 or a lending office on Route 12.

A RESTful approach to Web services

Before choosing SOAP to develop Web services for your extended enterprise, consider the alternative, Representational State Transfer.


The extended enterprise, the next stage in an e-business development, is here. This is an infrastructure that tightly integrates with systems from those once labeled as “outsiders.” It is an environment where digital streams converge from all business constituents. Consequently, it serves users based on their roles — not locations. In this special Signature Series portal we’ve compiled articles, case studies, diagrams and other resources to help you construct and manage your company’s own extended enterprise.


Julie Bort

Executive Editor,

Signature Series

Defending the extended enterprise

Are firewalls enough? Should you invest in a bundled security product? What type of security planning should you undertake? We explore what it takes to secure your changing enterprise.

Supporting remote offices

Our SMB channel is the one place to get all the information you need about the technical, managerial and business requirements for establishing and successfully supporting a remote office. Daily news, how-tos, product reviews, management advice and more.

Case studies research center

See how network executives extend their enterprises and make the most of technology to better their businesses.

Your Take: Network executives share their wisdom

See how net execs of large enterprises tackle the tough issues, such as staffing, budgets, security, implementing cutting-edge technology and more.

The Extended Enterprise Issue is one of six bimonthly special issues providing insights, opinions and information on the biggest trends shaping the networked world.