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Bug Alert: Bevy of Red Hat patches

Feb 10, 20036 mins
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* Patches from Red Hat, Microsoft, Conectiva, others * Beware blackout worm * Bush reportedly asks for cyberwarfare policy, and other interesting reading

Today’s bug patches and security alerts:

Red Hat updates kernel-utils to fix flaw

According to an alert from Red Hat, “The uml_net utility in kernel-utils packages with Red Hat Linux 8.0 was incorrectly shipped setuid root.  This could allow local users to control certain network interfaces, add and remove arp entries and routes, and put interfaces in and out of promiscuous mode.” For more, go to:

Red Hat updates PHP packages

A heap overflow vulnerability in PHP’s wordwrap() function could be exploited in a denial-of-service attack or to run arbitrary code on the affected machine. For more, go to:

Red Hat releases openldap patch

A number of potential security vulnerabilities have been found in Red Hat’s openldap implementation. Most of the flaws are of the buffer overflow variety and could be used to gain elevated privileges on the affected machine. For more, go to:

Red Hat: Vulnerability in WindowMaker patched

A buffer overflow has been found in the way WindowMaker improperly handles the loading of certain images. The flaw could be exploited to run arbitrary commands on the affected machine. For more got to:

Xpdf packages update for Red Hat users

An integer overflow vulnerability in Xpdf could be exploited to execute arbitrary code on the affected machine when a PDF document is viewed. The attacker would have to specially craft the PDF file to exploit the vulnerability. For more, go to:

Red Hat fixes flaws in w3m packages

Two cross-scripting flaws have been found in the w3m packages for Red Hat. The problems have been fixed in the latest release of the w3m packages. For more, go to:


Microsoft patches patch for NT 4.0

After removing links to a security patch that caused the NT 4.0 operating system to fail, Microsoft Friday posted an updated patch that fixes the NT 4.0 problem. The patch, MS02-071, was originally released on Dec. 11 and addressed a vulnerability affecting the WM_TIMER function on a variety of Microsoft’s operating systems including Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. IDG News Service, 02/10/03.


Updated Microsoft advisory:

Microsoft posts ‘find Slammer’ tools

Responding to the rapid spread of the Slammer worm through a software vulnerability in its SQL Server 2000 database product, Microsoft posted prerelease versions of a number of utilities that can ferret out systems that are susceptible to Slammer. The tools were provided “as is” by Microsoft and all are “under continuing development,” according to information posted on the company’s Web site. IDG News Service, 02/06/03.


More information from Microsoft:


Conectiva patches mcrypt

The mcrypt package for Conectiva uses libmcrypt modules for encrypting and decrypting files. Buffer overflow and memory leak vulnerabilities have been found in libmcrypt that could be exploited in a denial-of-service attack. For more, go to:


Mandrake Linux patches slocate

Mandrake Linux has issued a patch for slocate that fixes a potential buffer overflow. For more, go to:


Today’s roundup of virus alerts:

Blackout – A worm that spreads via IRC channels. It disables the Windows “shutdown” option under the Start menu, infects Word documents and displays messages when the system time matches a randomly selected number. (Panda Software)


From the interesting reading department:

Student indicted for info theft

A Boston College senior majoring in computer science allegedly hacked into dozens of campus computers, stole personal information about thousands of students, staff, and faculty, and used it to charge food, books, and laundry service to other students’ school accounts, according to an indictment handed up yesterday by a Middlesex County grand jury. IDG News Service, 02/07/03.

Pentagon seen backing off hard-line wireless stance

The Pentagon, which last fall issued sweeping prohibitions against the military using certain wireless network technologies, appears to be softening its stance by striking a balance between security and the benefits of increased mobility. Network World, 02/10/03.

NAI device helps keep content safe

Network Associates this week announced an appliance that captures and stores traffic content crossing any gigabit-speed network segment, storing it for later review and analysis in the event of a suspected security incident. Network World, 02/10/03.

Vendors improve security, server management wares

Network managers soon will have better tools for managing security and servers, experts say, as vendors such as NetIQ and BMC Software release new products that automatically provision users and monitor servers. Network World, 02/10/03.

Internet group to consumers: Think security

A coalition of technology companies and others doing business on the Internet have released a list of nine steps they believe consumers and remote workers should take to protect themselves and keep their computers from being used as weapons on the Internet. IDG News Service, 02/06/03.

Bush reportedly asks for cyberwarfare policy

President George W. Bush has reportedly directed the U.S. government to develop a policy on waging cyberwarfare, but one security vendor suggested such tactics could backfire. IDG News Service, 02/07/03.

European cybersecurity agency planned

The European Commission Monday proposed the creation of a Europe-wide network and information security agency. The European Network and Information Security Agency is to serve as an advice center for the 15 member states on matters relating to cybersecurity, such as computer viruses, Erkki Liikanen, commissioner for the information society, said at a news conference here. IDG News Service, 02/10/03.

Three suspected hackers arrested in U.K., U.S.

Two men were arrested in England and one in the U.S. Thursday on suspicion of being part of a hacking group that created a relatively unknown Internet worm, officials said. IDG News Service, 02/07/03.


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