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Scared silly over Word

Feb 10, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

* Scared silly over Word * Picking the CLEC winners * Make way for utility computing * Apples on the runwa

Scared silly over Word

‘Net Buzzer Paul McNamara this week shows how some organizations are ridiculously scared of potential attacks emanating from Microsoft Word documents, going so far as to ban .DOC files. What do you think? Let Buzz know.

Picking the CLEC winners

In Eye on the Carriers, Johna Till Johnson looks at which competitive local exchange carriers are survivors and why.

Make way for utility computing

Application service providers, or ASPs, may have gone the way of the dodo, but the concept of outsourced computing lives on. The latest iteration, says Jeff Kaplan, is the utility computing provider. IBM’s recent announcements put the company squarely in that camp.

Apples on the runway

Network World columnist and sometimes fashion editor Keith Shaw takes a look at the “spring line” recently introduced by Apple. Products from Sharp Systems and Executive Software round out this week’s Cool Tools.