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Warehouse security

Feb 27, 20032 mins
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* Pixim's Digital Pixel System

If you’re a large e-commerce operation, chances are you have a warehouse, data center or other facility that needs to be protected. You’re beholden to stock holders or investors to prove that you have adequate security in place to protect the infrastructure that holds client information.

A product I saw at Demo 2003 last week really sets the bar in site security. Pixim, from the look of its demonstration, will put other security systems to shame with its D2000 Video Imaging System.

Imagine the physical aspects of a warehouse – poorly lit and expansive – depending on light from outside maybe – or maybe not – to improve any image the security cameras might pick up. Any breech of this environment would be difficult to capture because of this changing light environment – with shadows abound.

Pixim’s Digital Pixel System technology, for which it holds a patent, focuses less on the resolution of the image and more on the lighting surrounding that image. It works with each pixel, making sure it has the optimum light exposure, creating in the end a clearer image.

As Pixim describes it, “each pixel is independently sampled nondestructively multiple times in a single capture frame (which in video is typically 50 or 60 times per second). The imaging system determines the optimal time to sample and store the pixel information before the pixel is saturated and can no longer hold additional charge.”

The clarity of the picture will be helpful as Pixim heads out past the security market into facial recognition, factory automation and the like. For instance, with such a clear image, Pixim’s digital imaging technology can be used to work with product inventories in warehouses and other poorly lit environments.

At some point, I could see the medical profession also picking up the Pixim technology for remote surgical procedures and other camera-intensive work. The opportunities are tremendous.

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