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SuSE revs up Linux for enterprises

May 05, 20032 mins
Enterprise ApplicationsLinux

* SuSE to release Carrier Grade Linux for enterprises

SuSE is set to release a version of its Linux operating system based on the Carrier Grade Linux specifications, but with an eye toward strengthening the operating system for enterprise usage, rather than for use in telco or service provider data centers.

 The operating system, SuSE Linux CGL, will be available this month. SuSE says it is seeing as much interested in the product from its enterprise customers – especially those in the financial industry, where Linux is becoming a popular alternative to Unix clusters – as it is from service providers.

CGL is a project that was started by the Open Source Development Lab, a multivendor organization created to promote and develop Linux usage in professional computing environments. The group’s other large project is Data Center Linux (DCL), which is aimed at creating a Linux version kernel for large enterprise application and database servers. Vendors involved in the CGL project include AT&T, Cisco, HP, IBM, Red Hat and SuSE, among several others.

According to SuSE, it’s Linux CGL product will include modifications and changes to the Linux kernel, providing such high availability features as the ability to run as a “diskless” system for appliance-like deployments, where the device boots off of a network server image. Also included will be hot-swappable hardware component support for parts such as network cards, hard drives and other components, as well as support for a variety of failover options for SuSE Linux CGL servers. 

SuSE will be providing customers a CGL-based kernel for free. SuSE Linux CGL is available now on 32-bit x86 servers, and support for 64-bit Intel and AMD, as well as IBM pSeries, iSeries and mainframes, will follow later this year.