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Akamai, IBM team for edge computing

May 02, 20032 mins
IBMSystem Management

Nearly a year after it announced a partnership with IBM to push Java computing to the edge of the Internet, Akamai is unveiling a new service that will enable customers to run WebSphere-based applications on its network of edge servers.

The offering, called Akamai EdgeComputing Powered by WebSphere, is Akamai’s first formal offering designed to run Web services at the network’s edge. Akamai also has announced a partnership with Microsoft to support .Net applications at the edge. That service is expected to be rolled out by the end of the year.

Analysts say application processing is a logical next step for content delivery networks (CDN) that were originally designed to boost the performance of Web sites by pushing content closer to end users. CDNs can do the same thing for applications, analysts say.

Akamai EdgeComputing Powered by WebSphere will enable users to save on hardware and bandwidth because application processing can happen at the network edge rather than draining performance from origin servers, Akamai executives say.

“This allows companies to extend their WebSphere applications across Akamai’s global network without having to plan or provision capacity themselves,” said Chris Schoettle, Akamai executive vice president of technology, networks and support, in a statement. 

Akamai EdgeComputing Powered by WebSphere is available now through IBM Global Services, as well as through Akamai. Pricing was not released.