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May 05, 20032 mins

Latest Cisco news.

Cisco soups up edge router, 04/30/03

Cisco last week unveiled a processor for its 7304 edge routers which processes more than 1-million packet/sec.

Chambers lashes out at stock-option requirements, 04/29/03

Requiring companies to expense employee stock options is likely to threaten a key form of compensation in high-tech …

EMC, Cisco partner on storage switches, 04/29/03

EMC and Cisco are expected to announce a partnership Tuesday in which the storage giant will resell and support Cisco’s …

Wireless vendors take center stage, 05/05/03

The industry’s high rollers were betting big on wireless last week, and, like gamblers everywhere, they seem convinced …

Cisco reaches certification milestone, 05/01/03

I knew there were a lot of you out there with Cisco certification, but I didn’t know just how many. Cisco announced last week that it reached the half million mark …

SmartPipes aims at automation of policy enforcement, 05/01/03

SmartPipes has been around for a couple of years selling software that configures Cisco and more recently NetScreen VPN devices from a single software platform.

How does automated QoS work?, 05/01/03

We mentioned last time that, as more and more application traffic (including voice) joins IP networks, the ability of enterprises to get their arms around quality-of-service provisioning

Two vendors finally land in the ‘Magic Quadrant’, 04/29/03

Gartner analyst Lawrence Orans has placed  Cisco and Network Appliance in the leaders quadrant for enterprise content delivery equipment …

Cisco releases Catalyst software update, 04/28/03

A flaw in Version 7.5(1) of the Cisco Catalyst software could allow a malicious user to gain access to enable mode without a password.